Saturday, May 10, 2014

Submit Your RSS Feed 50+ Blog Directory

Submitting links to Digg, twitter and Facebook is great. But if you are pretty new to this field, those traffic wont last forever and you will end-up with very low traffic again.  So a quick permanent solution is to find some good reliable feed directories and submit all your blog feeds, it will gradually increase your site rating and traffic.

No matter what your blogging platform is, whether it’s WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, SquareSpace or Posterous, they all come with RSS feed, which can help you publish your blog posts on other websites.

So here’s long list of good blog directories, where new bloggers could submit their feeds. I have submitted my feeds to some of these sites already, and I’ll add more as I find them. Please do report broken links and suggest some good blog directories. This sites have helped me a little, I hope this will help you too. But remember, without any good content, nothing can help you and all your efforts will go in vain, so do write good stuff, happy blogging and good luck!

Blogs Directory – Nicely organized blog directory. - Seo helping blog.
Blog Collector – Free seo friendly blog directory. – Google’s Blog Search Engine. – Blog directory and blog search engine. – Enabling  you find RSS feeds with minimal effort.
AddYourBlog.Com – FREE educational directory of blogs – With half a million reads every month. – Leading solution for blog reviews about products, brands and sites. – All about blogging. -  Central hub of content collected from bloggers. – Web Blog Directory. – All the top headlines from popular topics around the web. – Blog directory. – Promote your feed content, Similar to – Rss Search engine.
Feedshark – Online tool that promotes your blog or website. – The reference feed listing. – Experiment designed to discover popular websites in blogosphere. – An open edited directory of ATOM / RSS Feeds. – RSS feed directory and RSS search engine. – RSS-Search engine for news and information. – Free blog directory. – 157056 blogs and growing. – Minute news and information from around the world. – Fully categorized and searchable RSS directory. – Web Feed Finder, Search for RSS and Atom Feeds. – Free RSS tools to create, edit and publish RSS feeds. – Enabling you to find educational RSS feeds. – A Search Engine for Web Feeds/XML. – The RSS feed search engine. – Quality-rated RSS & Atom feed directory. – A web feed repository and assistant. – Submit to Directories and Promote your Blog. – Include yourself in the largest Blog Directory in the World! – A Blog Rss search engine site. – Directory of recently updated weblogs. – Real-time blog search engine. – Find the best blogs and news feeds. -  RSS / RDF news-ticker for Windows. – One stop for all of your RSS needs – Only accept your blog during submission rounds. – RSS Feed and Blog search engine. – Searchable RSS directory. – Fresh article and news feeds of all flavors. – Search results on millions of RSS feeds. – Create your own RSS Feed. – Blog Directory. – Hangout and directory on the internet. – Find the best blogs on the web. – Premiere blog directory on the internet. – Submit if you have 75% of blog posts are about food. – Find out how your blog compares to others. – Most Popular Websites
 A Search Engine for Web Feeds/XML

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